Sunday, October 20

Meet Me Over There!

So I’m finally back on the blogging band wagon ~ would you like to come over and say hi?

Vintage style at Lavender & Twill

I’m just a hop, skip and a jump away at Lavender & Twill and while I plan on keeping Depict This! around for a bit longer, I shall take it down eventually.  But not before I re-publish my best posts over on my new blog!

So come and find some old favorites, a fresh new style and pink hair! *gasp*  See ya!  : D



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Friday, May 24

Bye Bye World!


Goodbye Summer | bjvear 
I made a big decision ~ I have decided to cut and eliminate some of the things that I think I have to do to make more time for the things I want to do. 

One of the things that is going to go is my studio ~ BdotDepictions.  I haven’t been doing photography seriously for a least a year now, and paying to keep my studio site up and running when I haven’t sold a single piece of work doesn’t make much sense for me right now. 

Especially when I am not really in a position to be able to do something about the lack of sales ~ i.e., marketing!

In keeping with that, I have decided to put Depict This! away too, so I am putting the blog on hiatus until further notice.  This is mainly so I can focus on finishing the novel I am co-authoring with my sister.  We are really close to finishing our second manuscript {we have finished the first one, but need both finished before we can look at publishing}, but I find that I just don’t have enough motivation to work on it.

Blogging takes all of my writing juice ~ I’m just dry by the time it comes to the novel and I hate that.  I haven’t done any quality work on it for ages…  Yes, I know our new arrival into the family has quite a lot to do with that, but I also know my limitations.  If I want to see our books published, I need to shut shop on the blog temporarily. 

Never fear ~ it’s only for a little while!  I already have a ton of plans for my blogging come back! 

It’s going to involve a complete rebrand ~ new blog, new blog name and everything….  But I can’t tell you any more.

I won’t take Depict This! down; I want to leave the old blog up for a while so that everyone came reference my old posts if they wish too.  I just won’t be updating DT! even though I’ll still be around on Twitter, Instagram{@bjvear}, and Pinterest if you want to check out what I am up to in the mean time. 



Wednesday, May 22

Dolled Up In My Glad Rags

Faux Fur Vintage Style - Depict This

Acessorize To Complete Your Outfit - Depict This

Take Me Out - Depict This

Out To The Theatre - Depict This

I went to an evening showing of “Oklahoma” at my local theatre a week or so ago, and obviously I dressed up to the nines!  I wasn’t sure about wearing my one-and-only vintage hat, but I am glad I did as it really finished off my outfit.  Plus, I don’t get to wear hats that often, so any chance to pull them out amIright?

Although my sisters think that my hat looks like brains…  Cute brains, but brain nonetheless!  ヽ(≧0≦)ノ  I just pretend that I don’t know what they are talking about, even though I kind of have to agree with them!  Ah, the first world troubles ~ when your fashion sense comes across like a cosplay!

Also, I do have to apologize for the lack of smiles.  Apparently I was much more tired than I realized, but hey, that IS kind of what happens when your new baby is kickin’ around with bright blue eye that just. won’t. shut. until 11:00pm or later every night.  (-_-‘)

Speaking of, I have to say adieu and tuck my family into bed.  Goodnight!   ♥ ♥ ♥



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Friday, May 10

Link Love ~ Matching Vintage Family Outfits Inspiration!

I love these matching outfits posted by Lucille Needles of Call Me Lucille.  Not only is she a huge outfit inspiration for me, I know I'm going to have to try and get the hubs in on pulling off a matching family day like this one sometime!  So cute!

"CALL ME LUCILLE": Our Striped Summer ~

Y'all know that I Inka is usually accessorised to match whatever ensemble I have on, even to go to the shops! But on a sunny day last week, I went a step further and accessorised my boyfriend to match my outfit...



Tuesday, May 7

New Mom Me

  IMG_1012 IMG_1013 IMG_1011IMG_1014 IMG_1010IMG_1015

I thought I’d try out something new, so I took these outfit shots with my phone.  I actually really like how they came out ~ the iPhone 5’s camera is pretty decent and you can get some super editing programs on it that create some lovely results.

I really like how easy and quick it is to snap, edit and go with this method ~ though I am wondering if the picture quality is a little low?  I don’t know ~ what do you think?  iPhone photos a yay or nay? Would you be able to tell they are phone photos if you didn’t know? Do you care?  Should I care?  Oh, so many questions!  (→o←)

Please don’t mind that I don’t have the full range of shots though ~ I don’t have any shoe shots or full length pictures because I just set up the phone on the dresser in my room and snapped away while the baby was napping and Little T was running around! 

Speaking of Little T., I just have to mention that last photo; he’s hamming it up for the camera already and he’s not even two yet!  Haha ~ he must take after his mama…  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~



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Friday, May 3

Link Love ~ Vintage Angelfish Outfit

I love this outfit of Solanah's ~ it's stunning!  If you haven't already; do check out the full post.

Vixen Vintage: Angelfish   

This weekend my mother hosted an "Under the Sea" party, and I went as an angelfish.  :)



Thursday, May 2

Last Time Around

One Day I'll Meet You Baby Bump Fashion - Depict This
Dress Up & Be Done - Depict This

Stripes Forever Maternity Dress - Depict This 
Bow Top - Depict This

So I was 38 weeks + one day in these shots, and boy, oh boy, am I feeling it at this stage!  If I look bloated and puffy and dead…  Well, don’t mind me, because I am bloated, puffy and dead!  : P

Still, it was worth it for this!

IMG_0902[1] IMG_0884[1] IMG_0932[1]IMG_0955[1]
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